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    1. What is Hello Assur all about?
      Hello Assur is a convenient, affordable option to have an interactive session with the doctor, get diagnosed, obtain a prescription and pick up prescription at no additional cost within your LGA anywhere across Nigeria.
    2. How long is the plan valid for?
      The plan remains valid until used
    3. Are the doctors and pharmacists qualified?
      The physicians are selected, highly trained, well experienced and duly certified by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN). All participating pharmacists are practising community pharmacists and are members of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN).
    4. Can I purchase multiple plans at once?
      Yes, multiple plans can be purchased at once. Hello Assur can be purchased online or with purchase of scratch cards.
    5. Is the plan tied to a specific person?
      No, the Hello Assur plan can be used by any individual who has the unique code to be used for consultation with the doctor and also at the pharmacy.
    6. What if I encounter internet failure while speaking with the doctor?
      If a WhatsApp voice call has been on for 5 minutes and is interrupted due to communication failure, it will be completed via chat. However, if still under 5 minutes, the code will be considered un-used and can be re-used within that same month.
    7. How many times can I use a unique code?
      The Hello Assur unique code can be used for a session with the doctor and pick-up at the pharmacy and then a follow-up chat with the doctor up till 5 days after initial contact for the same complaints.