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    Health Assur Ltd. was incorporated by a team of professionals; who recognized an opportunity to transform healthcare benefits administration in Nigeria. 

    Equipped with the requisite experience, skills and resources; we have built a strong, innovative and competitive operation with quality products, seamless processes, relevant technology and efficient customer-oriented services to leapfrog ahead of competitors in this emerging market.

    We provide exemplary health management services to our clients by offering multiple cost-level options tailored to their needs whilst harnessing the use of technology to provide ease of reach to our ongoing and prospective clients. 

    Our network of providers is made up of carefully screened and selected doctors, specialists, clinics, hospitals , pharmacies, laboratories and diagnostic centres which offer a range of specialized services to meet our clients’ needs.

    Our innovative use of technology provides an integrated platform with a centralized database, web-enabled portals and mobile apps for enrollees, employers and provider hospitals to securely access and manage their health accounts online.