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We offer a range of health benefit packages to suit the health needs of individuals, families, groups and SMEs. This includes our Hello Assur Health Scheme.

We provide a range of health benefit plans tailored to meet the needs of your employees. We enhance your staff’s welfare and productivity by delivering a seamless healthcare experience with the controls at their fingertips and a robust customer service support mechanism.

Club Plan
This offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services at an affordable rate. Service offerings include outpatient service, investigations (labs, x-rays etc.), admissions, O&G, as well as basic optical and dental care.

Business Plan
The Business plan offers a wider range of health service offerings than the Club Plan. In addition, the enrollee has access top a wider range of providers.

Upper Plan
This offers a fully comprehensive bouquet of healthcare, preventive and wellness services to suit all needs. Additionally, it offers private accommodation services for admissions, infertility services, major surgical as well as extensive optical and dental benefits.

Flex Plan
This is our most exclusive health plan and offers an extended immunization schedule, extended optical and dental benefits. Also available are ICU and HDU services and conditional access to treatment outside the country. Subscribers on the Flex Plan can access healthcare services at any of our providers (roaming) and do not have to be restricted to a particular primary provider.

We offer Third Party Administrative (TPA) services to organizations who wish to self-insure or specify their health benefit coverage details.

Our responsibility would include maintaining eligibility, managing networks of providers, case management, customer service, adjudicating bills, paying claims and preparing claims reports for an administrative fee. Employees are able to access care up to the limit of their premium and any unutilized portion is paid back to employees within the company at the end of the service year.

We offer a wide range of pre-employment screening tests at our conveniently located provider hospitals. Services available include Consultation and examination by a medical doctor, blood chemistry and haematology, kidney and liver function tests, glucose levels, lipid profiles, urine and stool examinations, radiological studies and other specialized investigations.

We ensure client’s informed consent is obtained for retroviral screening (HIV screening), pregnancy tests and other tests of a sensitive nature.

We offer a comprehensive range of health insurance cover and protection to suit your travel and budget through our International partners.

These plans are available to individuals, families and groups of all nationalities whilst travelling outside their home countries for business or leisure.

We offer International health plans (through our International partners) focused to meet the needs of expatriates and local nationals seeking health insurance coverage beyond their country of residence.

This is particularly useful for businesses with an expatriate population or who desire employee health cover and treatment options outside the country of residence or operations.

The school health plan is a health plan designed to cater to students below the age of 18years who are enrolled in primary or secondary institutions. It provides health coverage to the student whilst school is in session and is particularly useful for students in boarding facilities

We develop workplace health and safety programs and prepare action plans to ensure a risk-free work environment, prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

We also manage wellness programs for organizations including well-man, well-woman, and well-baby services respectively. We also coordinate yearly comprehensive health screenings at conveniently located healthcare services nationwide. As part of our range of services to clients on the corporate scheme, we manage on-site clinics situated within their work premises.

We offer a pharmacy benefit management scheme through a network of over 600 registered and licenced pharmacies across Nigeria. These pharmacies guarantee a wide range of qualitative medication which are readily available and can be delivered to the enrolee’s residence at no additional cost.

We provide emergency rescue and ambulance services from accident scene to hospital, hospital to referral centre and hospital to hospital, through our nationwide network of provider hospitals.

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